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Mouth Guards (Custom Mouth Protectors for Sports) - Dallas, TX

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When playing sports or having fun, most people aren't thinking about their oral health. However, the risk of damage and injury to the teeth, gums, and jaw are possible, so it's important to have proper protection. Just like pads and helmets, a custom mouth guard is an essential piece of athletic gear. At the Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry, patients can get a custom-fit mouth guard made from high-quality materials at a professional dental laboratory. Unlike off-the-shelf mouth guards found in stores, custom mouth guards fit comfortably and protect better. And a custom mouth guard can be made for the upper and lower teeth to accommodate braces, or to provide double protection based on the patient's needs. Schedule a consultation with board-certified Dentist Dr. Albert Ambriz at his Dallas office to learn more about how a mouth guard can both protect the mouth and improve athletic performance.

Best Candidates

A custom-made mouth guard is an important piece of equipment for anyone who plays a contact sport (football, soccer, hockey) or participates in an activity that might involve falling (skateboarding, biking, gymnastics). The mouth guard will protect against broken teeth, cuts on the lip, and other damage. Anyone who wears braces or a dental appliance (crown, bridge, dentures) should especially wear a mouth guard to avoid painful and expensive damage to their teeth, gums, and jaw. A mouth guard can also help athletes with performance by increasing their oxygen intake and reducing the release of stress hormones (cortisol).

What to Expect

Dr. Ambriz will take impressions of the upper and/or lower teeth, depending on the patient's needs, which will be sent to a dental laboratory. Using high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, the mouth guard will be custom made for the patient. When the guard is complete, it will be returned to the dentist's office so the patient can have it fitted and adjusted as needed.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients should wear their mouth guard during any athletic activities for protection. Dr. Ambriz will teach each patient how to properly care and store their mouth guard. Patients should bring their mouth guard to all their future dental appointments so it can be checked for wear and fit. Most patients will need to replace their mouth guard every season so they remain effective, but Dr. Ambriz will help patients determine when to get a new mouth guard.

Anticipated Costs

A custom mouth guard may or may not be covered by dental insurance, but it is a very smart investment since it can prevent injuries and damage that need expensive treatments. Our office will work with each patient's dental insurance to determine their maximum coverage and out-of-pocket costs. During the consultation, Dr. Ambriz can better estimate costs and discuss payment methods, including low-interest medical financing with CareCredit and Lending Club.

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Protect your oral health and improve your performance with custom mouth guards by board-certified Dentist Dr. Albert Ambriz. Get more oxygen and lower stress with a comfortable mouth guard that also protects you from expensive oral injuries. Schedule a consultation at the Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas to learn more about the performance and health benefits of a custom mouth guard.

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