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Dental Bridges (Fixed Removable Denture) - Dallas, TX

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While a crown is typically used to cover a damaged tooth, a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth to restore the form and function of the mouth. A bridge (sometimes called a fixed removable denture) includes a false tooth (pontic) attached to abutment teeth (crowns, implants, or both) that keep the false tooth in place. At the Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas, TX, board-certified Dentist Dr. Albert Ambriz uses a variety of materials and techniques to give each patient their best result. Dr. Ambriz works with master ceramists and professional dental labs to customize the bridge for a comfortable fit. The most common types of bridges are:

  • Traditional fixed bridge: a false tooth with two crowns that are placed over the teeth on either side of the missing tooth.
  • Maryland bridge: also known as a resin bonded bridge, the false tooth is bonded to a metal band that is attached to the abutment teeth with resin.
  • Cantilever bridge: the false tooth is attached to crowns on one side that cover the abutment teeth.
  • Implant bridge: the false tooth is held in place by an implant or a combination of an implant and crown.

Best Candidates

A dental bridge can help patients who want to replace missing teeth to improve the appearance of the smile plus maintain the health and function of the mouth. A missing tooth allows the teeth room to shift, which can cause misalignment or a dental occlusion (bad bite). Using high-quality materials, Dr. Ambriz helps each patient get a bridge that fits comfortably and matches their natural teeth for a beautiful result.

What to Expect

A bridge typically requires 2 – 3 visits to ensure the patient has a comfortable and proper fit. If crowns are being used to hold the bridge in place, the dentist will lightly file the abutment teeth to make space for the crown. If dental implants are being used, they will be placed during this first appointment. During the first appointment, impressions will be taken that will be sent to the dental laboratory so the custom bridge can be created. During the second appointment, the permanent bridge will be fitted and attached. A third appointment may be scheduled to check the fit of the bridge so it can be adjusted for greater comfort.

After Treatment

Once the bridge is in place, patients should follow the care instructions from Dr. Ambriz for their bridge type and material. To prolong the life of the bridge, patients should avoid chewing on hard food and objects. With proper care, a bridge can last 5 – 7 years, so it's important to schedule annual dental exams so the dentist can determine when the bridge needs to be replaced. A good home care routine with proper brushing and flossing along with professional cleanings can help to extend the life of the bridge.

Anticipated Costs

A bridge is typically covered by dental insurance, so our office will contact the patient's insurance company to determine their maximum coverage and estimate their out-of-pocket expenses. Dr. Ambriz will help each patient determine the best treatment plan and materials to suit their needs and budget. The Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry accepts many payment methods as well as payment plans and medical financing through CareCredit and Lending Club.

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Bridge the Gap

A bridge can not only keep your smile looking great, it can also help your overall oral health by keeping your teeth in place. At the Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas, you have a wide range of options in materials and styles to create a customized bridge that gives you your best results. Schedule a consultation with cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Ambriz for more information and a personalized treatment plan.

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