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Tooth-Colored Fillings (Composite Cavity Fillings) – Dallas, TX

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The health of the mouth is greatly influenced by how a person cares for their teeth, what they eat, and other factors like genetics. When the mouth is not healthy, cavities (small areas of tooth decay) can form. Cavities are more common in children, but adults are still at risk for the three types of cavities: coronal cavities (on the chewing surface or between the teeth), root cavities (on roots that have been exposed by gum decay), and recurrent decay (from accumulated plaque attracted by other areas of decay). A cavity needs to be cleaned and filled to restore the health of the teeth and prevent larger dental problems. At Ambriz Center for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas, TX, board-certified Dentist Dr. Albert Ambriz offers porcelain fillings for an attractive, enduring alternative to conventional fillers. Porcelain fillings are stronger than other fillings and can make a tooth stronger. Made from a special formula, porcelain fillings are a tough dental material. These porcelain fillings are crafted to look the same as natural enamel and is the most durable filling available, which lasts much longer than conventional (composite or metal) fillings.

Best Candidates

When a cavity develops in the tooth, patients may notice toothaches, sensitivity to temperature, and trouble chewing. If left untreated, a cavity can destroy the tooth, including the nerves in the center. An abscess (an infection at the tip of the toot) may eventually form, which will require root canal surgery or tooth extraction. Ideally, patients will be checked for cavities and other problems at their annual dental exam so cavities can be treated with tooth-colored fillings before more extensive and expensive procedures are required.

Tooth-colored fillings can also replace older metal fillings (silver amalgam) for a more natural appearance. Tooth-colored fillings made from porcelain are matched to the patient's normal tooth color for nearly invisible protection. Porcelain fillings also tend to protect the teeth better than metal fillings for longer-lasting results.

What to Expect

Cavities are generally confirmed with dental X-rays so the dentist can determine where to place the filling. To relieve discomfort and any anxiety, most patients will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth being treated. Before the filling is made and placed, the tooth decay needs to be removed and the cavity will be cleaned. Once the tooth is prepared, the filling will be placed over the cavity to protect the tooth from bacteria. The filling is bonded to the tooth and with proper care, can last around 15 years before it needs to be replaced.

After Treatment

Once the cavity is filled, patients should continue to care for their teeth with daily brushing and flossing to prevent future cavities. Patients should also schedule professional cleanings at the dentist's office at least twice a year along with an annual exam. Patients who are prone to cavities may consider professional fluoride treatments.

Anticipated Costs

A dental filling is typically covered by most dental insurances, so our office will work with each patient's insurance company to get their maximum coverage and determine any out-of-pocket costs. Please keep in mind that since we are an out-of-network office, each insurance will determine their coverage based on “ordinary and customary fee” from which they will pay a percentage. For patients without dental insurance, our office helps patients find an affordable option by providing several treatment options that may fit the bill. We also offer low-interest dental financing through CareCredit and Lending Club. During each patient's consultation, their unique treatment plan, their estimate of costs, and payment options can be discussed.

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A Healthy, Seamless Smile

Don't let a cavity cause you pain or bigger problems by scheduling an appointment for a dental exam at the Ambriz Center for Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas. You can enjoy attractive, long-lasting results with custom-made porcelain fillings that are designed to match seamlessly with the natural teeth. If you have old metal fillings, schedule an appointment for an evaluation and learn about your replacement options with tooth-colored fillings.

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